Hon'ble Mayor Manoj Garg
"Pratham Abhibhashan"


  Key Activities


    1. Sweep streets, collect solid waste from various collection points and transport         to the dumping yard.

    2. Cleaning of Drains

    3. Birth and Death Registration

    4. Issue of new trade licenses, Renewal of old/expired trade licenses, Issuing         temporary licenses, raising Demands for Trade License, etc. in relation to trade         licenses.

Property Tax

    1. Assessment of land and buildings, Mutation and Collection of Property Tax


    1. Building and repairing of roads, removal of chokages, bustee development         work, construction of public conveniences, etc.
    2. Encroachment removal etc.


    1. Operation and maintenance of street lights, installation of new street lighting         systems, maintain lighting of markets and residential area.

Central Records

    1. To maintain all old records